Bear Rock Petroleum Inc. (BRPI) is an independent, privately owned oil and gas E&P company building its financial success on the basis of proprietary technologies and processes designed to achieve economically efficient production of hydrocarbon reserves previously considered unrecoverable or sub-economic. In September’ 2014 the company has reached an agreement to acquire mineral extraction rights at the Asphalt Ridge tar sand prospect in Utah’s Uinta basin. Proved reserves total almost 140 MMBOIP, and the prospect exhibits considerable additional exploration potential.

Registered in April 2014 in the State of Delaware and headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has changed its name to Bear Rock Petroleum Inc. in June 2016.

Bear Rock Petroleum is actively pursuing other domestic and international oil and gas E&P opportunities including extra heavy oil and natural bitumen prospects, tail-end rehabilitation and other technologically challenged and economically distressed projects that meet upside criteria.

Bear Rock Petroleum holds an exclusive license to implement its SISG-based process to extract  oil via conventional wells from bituminous sands, tar sands, natural bitumen, extra-heavy oil and shale oil, along with revitalized development of resources classified for these or other reasons as “contingent” or “unrecoverable”.

S-BRPT technology was developed and licensed by Galex Energy Corporation.